Instagram Adds Dark Mode to Android Beta App

Instagram has begun rolling out an updated build of its Android beta app that adds a native dark mode to the interface. This comes as both Google and Apple begin pushing dark mode with their latest software updates, Android 10 and iOS 13.

The interface does what you expect: instead of a light background, it gives you a dark background. All of the text and icons adopt a white color scheme for better contrast, and that’s about it.

This is a minor update that probably takes a couple of hours to code, but it’s notable simply due to the fact it’s another Facebook-owned app that will finally adopt the new UI. Facebook updated Messenger with a dark mode a few months ago, while the flagship Facebook app has yet to even think about a darkened interface. Instagram is just now throwing its hat in the ring, and it shows that despite falling behind a few competitors, Facebook cares about dark mode and will (hopefully, eventually) update its other apps with the same feature.

Right now, if you want dark mode in Instagram on your Android phone, you have to either be running Android 10 or Pie and have your system’s dark mode enabled. After that, install the latest beta of Instagram from the Play Store or APK Mirror. You should then see the interface darken.