Inevitable: Someone Made a Strap for Your AirPods

Last week during their event, Apple unveiled their new AirPods to go along with your iPhone 7 which, if you haven’t yet heard, doesn’t have a headphone jack. These new earbuds are nothing but buds themselves which come in a charging cradle and don’t have any wires connecting them. This is opposed to other wireless headphone designs which feature a wire connecting the two earphones together so the user doesn’t lose them. However, that’s obviously not the case with the AirPods as you’ll see in the image below.


If you’re doing anything that requires a lot of motion like rocking your head back and forth during your favorite song or taken a jog or bicycle ride, you’re bound to have at least one of the AirPods fall out of your ear. After that, you’re probably not gonna find it, and you’ll only have one AirPod until you go back to the Apple Store and buy another pair. But by now, you’re probably like, “Well then why doesn’t someone just make something to connect the two headphones so you don’t lose them?” My friend, feel free to read the headline.


That’s right, folks. As inevitable as it was, popular accessory maker Spigen has created a new product they call the AirPods Strap. This $10 add-on will allow you to slide in each AirPod into two rubber slots which connect to a wire that’ll keep your wireless headphones together at all times. This will also allow you to hang your earbuds around your neck for when you’re not using them. And since it’s so easy to connect your headphones to this accessory, it’s also easy to disconnect your headphones as well if you wanna go fully wireless.


To make sure that you don’t lose the strap as easy as an AirPod, Spigen allows users to wrap the wire around the charging cradle of the AirPods so you have everything you need to listen to music at all times and not in multiple locations. Obviously, this is probably the least classiest idea I’ve ever heard, but really there’s no other way to store your strap with your AirPods.


All in all, I think this is a good buy for when you pick up your AirPods next month. Yes, you’re already spending $159 for them, but what’s another $10? Just but it. Seriously. You know you’re gonna lose them.

Next month will be when Spigen will begin shipping the AirPods Strap to buyers who preorder now over on Amazon. The accessory’s only $9.99 and comes in one color: white.

> Grab the AirPods Strap on Amazon for $9.99