If You Update Your Samsung Phone’s Software, You’ll Get a Coupon for Domino’s

It’s always kind of hard to convince someone to upgrade the software on their smartphone, especially if they’re older. You’ve really gotta make your reason for doing so convincing, like telling them, “Oh, yeah, that update. Well, see, if you don’t update, you’re phone will get ruined and you’ll need to spend $500 to get it fixed.” Or you know, you could take a more suttle approach and explicitely state all the good points about the update, but what fun is that? Well, according to a report by 9to5Google, this process could be becoming enjoyable as long as the person in quesiton has a Samsung phone.



A user of a Galaxy J7 smartphone in India shared a screenshot on Twitter of an offer he recieved within the My Galaxy app on his device detailing that if he updated the OS loaded on his handset, he’d receive a 20% off coupon at Domino’s good for pizzas (obviously) and breads. He was also prompted to visit his local Samsung Experience store and use the free Wi-Fi there to download the update or simply use internet he already has access to. The offer was apparently linked to a phone number and hasn’t popped up on anyone else’s devices in any other countries at least reported-wise, which most likely means that this is just a server-side test Samsung is conducting before a wider rollout in the future.

Recently, a report came out stating that Google has begun pressuring partners to push out updates to their devices faster which contain important things such as security patches. Since sweetening a deal never really hurts, it makes sense for Samsung to convince people to upgrade their phone’s software by giving them in exchange a coupon such as this.

Would you be willing to install a software update on your device for a Domino’s coupon?

Source: Twitter via 9to5Google