ICYMI: Google Play Now Lets You Use Promo Codes on Apps and In-App Purchases

In case you missed it, Google has gifted developers with the ability to use promotion codes to pay for their apps or in-app purchases (however, not subscription content) that may be featured in their software. The company now appears to be making an effort to make paid apps free in the Play Store, as people in the iOS ecosystem have been enjoying promo codes for paid apps for some time now.


If you’re a developer and you wanna take advantage of this, just look for the new promo code option in the developer console. You can get more information about promo codes on Google’s support website.

Now look, devs, Google wasn’t gone just let you get away with this without any catches. First of all, you can only have up to 500 promo codes per quarter which is split up amongst paid apps and in-app purchases all together, however it isn’t much of a drawback, but it’s noteworthy. Second, promo codes don’t transfer over quarters, so if you have some this quarter that never get used and April rolls around, you can say good-bye to those codes. And third, developers can set expiration dates for promotions lasting up to one year, which, let’s face it, ain’t too shabby.


Have you spotted any codes yet available for purchases on apps through Google Play?