Huawei’s Reportedly Building a 7-inch Pixel Tablet for Google

Lots of hype surrounds Google’s upcoming Pixel smartphones that’ll reportedly be unveiled on October 4th alongside Google’s Daydream VR headset, a new Chromecast, and Google Home. However, this may not be all that Google will eventually announce. According to a new tweet by none other than Evan Blass, Google’s gearing up to launch a Huawei-build Pixel tablet that’ll potentially be an upgraded Nexus 7.



In the tweet, Blass claims that Huawei will build the new 7-inch tablet, while 4GB of RAM will be present which is a gigabyte more than what’s inside Google’s own Pixel C. In addition, the device is rumored to be on track for an official launch by the end of this year, so think around the end of November or early December.

At this time, no further details are known like what the tablet will officially be called or what other internals will be featured. All we can say for now is that it looks like Google’s not done with their 7-inch tablet family, and since Huawei did such a nice job with last year’s Nexus 6P smartphone, the California company may want them to build another device for them. It’s unclear whether this new tablet will bear any resemblance to the 6P, however if Huawei’s recently-unveiled tablet is of any indication, we may be essentially looking at a 7-inch 6P. But for now, we can only cross our fingers that this becomes reality.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)