HTC is Unveiling Another U Phone on August 30th

HTC has announced it’ll unveil another new entry in the company’s U series of smartphones on August 30th. This comes three months after the U12 Plus was unveiled and was met by rather mixed reviews.

The teaser for the unveiling doesn’t int at much other than “something new for U,” but if history is any indication, this is likely a mid-range phone like the U12 Life since the company’s flagship was released earlier this year. What’s more, HTC has said the U12 Plus has “Plus” at the end of its name to indicate this is the only flagship U12 they’re making, so it’s pretty clear there’s probably a lower-end model in tow for August 30th.

Of course, we don’t necessarily have any idea as to what phone HTC might unveil since we haven’t heard any rumors or seen any leaks. Therefore, we’ll be sure to keep you posted leading up to HTC’s launch later this month.