HP is Supposedly Going to Mobile World Congress with a Windows 10 Mobile Phone

German website DrWindows.de has leaked a rumor today stating that HP could launch a Windows 10 Mobile pone in early 2016. The phone, reportedly called the HP Falcon, is rumored to make it’s debut at Mobile World Congress next February in Barcelona, Spain. AdDuplex earlier this month reported that they detected a new smartphone in its Windows Phone ad SDK tools called the HP Falcon, with a 5.4-inch 768×1024 display.

The report also claims that HP is still testing the phone and the company may decide not to launch it if it feels there is not a market for the smartphone, but seriously folks, who wouldn’t buy a phone from HP, the computer company that’s been around way longer than Apple that employed The Woz at a certain time?

The HP Falcon has also reportedly showed up on web-based benchmarks, but those sites can offer faked hardware information. In any case, none of these reports have yet to be confirmed by HP, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

(This report was resourced via Windows Central.)