How to Install the Windows 10 October 2018 Update Manually

When Microsoft initially released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, it made sense because the update was released in October. Unfortunately, users ran into a problem where their files were randomly disappearing and couldn’t be recovered. This led to the company halting the rollout of the update and reissuing it just a short week ago with the necessary patches onboard.

However, this didn’t automatically mean every Windows 10 user would get the update right then and there. Microsoft specified it would be rolling the update out in phases and to select PC models in order to ensure full compatibility. Unfortunately, this means some Windows 10 users may not see the update for weeks or even months on end depending on their PC’s manufacturer.

Luckily, there’s a way to get around this constraint. I complained on Twitter about how none of my laptops had the October 2018 Update yet to which Microsoft replied with the following tweet.

Then, the company noted in another tweet there’s actually a way to install the update manually. It simply involves following this link, installing Microsoft’s Update Assistant on your system, and running it. Afterward, your PC will install the October 2018 Update just like it would if it received the upgrade over the air.

Of course, doing this comes with a certain caveat: your PC might not be ready for the October 2018 Update due to the lack of full support for the new software. Therefore, I have to disclose myself nor Matridox is responsible for any damage done to your PC by following this simple step. On the contrary, there may be a good chance your PC is already supported by the upgrade and simply hasn’t received the software via Windows Update just yet. You’ll have to be the one to roll the dice on this one.

Regardless, as long as you install the Update Assistant, you should have the October 2018 Update up and running on your PC in just a couple of hours or so. Let us know how the process goes in the comment section below.