Hangouts is Disabled Automatically on the Google Pixel

Over a week ago, we told you that Google was removing Hangouts from the application package manufacturers use to add capabilities to their Android-powered devices. This led to the popular messaging app becoming optional to install as a system app and not a necessity. What’s more, the app taking its place in the package was none other than Google’s new video calling app Duo. We still have yet to see hard evidence of this change, but we’re confident it’s happening. In fact, we also find this new report pretty legit since it lines up with the previous report.

Over on Chrome Unboxed, a screenshot of a Google Pixel initially getting set up was obtained that claims to show Hangouts on the new devices comes disabled by default. As you can see below, it appears that the owner of the Pixel was looking to install the app when he found that it was already on his phone, just disabled.


Interestingly, it seems that Google is pushing their new communication apps Allo and Duo on users even more with this move, as Duo comes pre-installed and Allo can be loaded on via a simple visit to the Play Store. Obviously, Hangouts can still be used by tapping “Enable” on its Play Store listing, but this nevertheless appears to be another move by the company to get more users on their latest platforms.

By no means does this discovery mean that Hangouts is leaving the communication scene any time soon. In fact, Google remains focused on bringing the app to a more enterprise-based platform that’ll make teams working together more productive. However, for regular consumers, this is likely a sign of what’s to come in the future, even if that future is filled with Duos and Allos.