Great News! Android Marshmallow is Now on 2.3% of All Devices!

Google has made the current status of Android public, and today we learned that Marshmallow, the latest version of the mobile OS, has reached 2.3% of all devices. This is a jump of 1.3% from last month, and you can thank manufacturers like Samsung and LG for releasing more devices with Android 6.0. Because otherwise, we’d probably see a number like 1.6%. Maybe…


Anyway, getting back to the issue at hand, according to the chart above, Marshmallow is at 2.3% as previously mentioned, while Froyo is at 0.1% (surprisingly), Gingerbread’s on 2.6% of devices (which is embarrassing for Marshmallow), ICS is tied with Android 6.0 at 2.3%, Jelly Bean’s at 22.3%, KitKat is on 34.3%, and Lollipop is now the most widely used version of Android at 36.1%. This is a jump from 34.1% of devices Android 5.0 and 5.1 was on last month. And in case you’re wondering, these numbers are compiled from Android devices that accessed the Play Store in a seven day period ending on March 7th.

So now, the question rises: will Marshmallow ever become as popular as Lollipop? And the answer? …well… everyone has their opinion. So I’ll let you battle that out in the comments.