Got Homework? Have Mathpix Do it For You

Mathpix is a new app for iOS that can scan and calculate any math problem it comes across. This isn’t just a fancy calculator or anything. This app uses your phone’s camera and scans, say, a hand written math problem you’re having difficulty witih. Mathpix will then calculate what the answer is and either tell you what it is or help you figure it out yourself. Pretty handy, right?

More complex equations that require a graphing calculator or something will work fine with Mathpix alongside your occansional conversion to polar form, so don’t think there’s a problem out there this app can’t solve.

Mathpix is free from the App Store and requires a netowrk connection to work since it sends data from the scans it conducts to a server. I contacted the team at Mathpix and they said that an Android version of their app will be coming out in the next couple of days. I’ll update this post when that happens.

> Download Mathpix from the App Store for free