Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant is Coming to All Nexus Phones

In an effort to save you data, Google’s bringing their prior Project Fi-exclusive feature Wi-Fi Assistant to all Nexus phones. Before, only users of the data service provided by the company were able to take advantage of it, however now Nexus users in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK and Nordic countries.

In case you’re not aware, Wi-Fi Assistant works like this: to save you data on your monthly cellular plan, Google will automatically jump to the most stable and accessible free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world and let you know that it made the switch. This way, if you decide to browse Facebook or listen to some music you haven’t downloaded yet and forget to manually get on a Wi-Fi network, you’ll be good and your data usage won’t go up. Plus, the company has integrated a built-in VPN to keep your private information private on public Wi-Fi connections. I mean, you don’t want the sketchy guy sitting next to you at Starbucks getting your bank information, right?

To activate the feature on your Nexus, just head to Settings > Google > Networking and switch on or off Wi-Fi Assistant. You’ll know the tool is on when you see a little key at the top right hand side of the status bar. All Nexus phones are supported as long as they’re running Android 5.1 Lollipop or later.

To learn more about Wi-Fi Assistant or if you need help with it, jump over to Google’s official support page.

Source: Nexus (Google+) | Google Support via 9to5Google