Google’s Search is Getting Material Design

Google is currently testing a new material design interface for their Search utility on the web. We’ve already seen the company update many of their services with material design (including the official Google app alongside Google Now), however we still haven’t seen the design language hit the internet yet. Now, it looks like the company is finally taking action on this absence.


Users on both Twitter and Reddit are noticing the new design, while it’s unclear just what types of users are targeted with this A/B test. Multiple OSes and browser are picking up the server switch, so this is really a random occurence amongst Googlers.

You’d think this change would be pretty drastic, however it’s actually more on the suttle side. As you can see in the picture above, not much is different between the current Search design and the new one. Of course, you can tell there’s some material design influence in the upcoming version, however not much else is different.

If you’re a fan (or if you’re not) of material design on Google Search, let us know in the comments, and feel free to discuss this change amongst others!

Source: 9to5Google