Google’s Science Journal App Lets You Conduct Experiments From the Comfort of Your Smartphone

Google’s been pretty busy lately with app launches, like the recent Spaces app alongside newly announced ones like Allo and Duo. Their latest addition to their family, called Science Lab, allows you to use your smartphone and it’s sensors to conduct scientific experiments and use your devices as a clipboard-type tool.

For example, recording your running pace for a week straight can be done and organized into a graph of your choosing. By using such sensors as an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, or even a gyroscope can help in your research and aid your experiments so you can be as productive as possible simply with your Android phone.

Google has stated that in a partnership with science communities, Science Lab will be able to grow and eventually support more tools and sensors manufacturers will build into their handsets.

Hands-on learning kits and more are also coming from Google and are for sale. These kits include such tools as external sensors, microcontrollers, and other craft supplies which will also aid experiments. Google plans to open source Science Lab this summer to allow more people to take advantage of the technologies available within the app.

You can download Science Lab from the Play Store for free from here.

Source: Google via The Verge