Google’s Pixel C Actually Uses a Chrome OS Boot Image

There have been rumors flying around that Google’s Pixel C, a a 2-in-1 tablet that runs Android Marshmallow, was actually meant to run Chrome OS all along, not Android. And it looks like Google isn’t denying it.


XDA user cheep5k8 has recently discovered that the tablet actually uses a Chrome OS boot image.

What I also found out is that the boot image for the Pixel C is NOT an Android boot image (!), but a ChromeOS one. This puts a lot of things in doubt, for example I am not sure if systemless SuperSU can handle this.

The reason for the discovery is because he’s trying to get SuperSU to work on the Pixel C. And during the process, he must’ve come across certain files that listed the fact that it actually uses a Chrome OS boot image while it still operates with an Android OS. It’s kinda weird how this works, and it’ll stay that way until someone finds out how it actually operates this way.

Hopefully we learn more about this fun fact within the coming months, or perhaps at Google I/O 2016 this year in May.