Google’s Daydream View Headset Now Available in Crimson and Snow

Last month when Google’s Daydream View headset launched, the only color option was one of three that would eventually make their way to the market. This color goes by the name of Slate, and while it’s not a bad color option, it’s not ideal for everyone. Luckily, starting today, you can now preorder the Daydream-powered VR headset in Crimson and Snow at the same $79 price point.

According to Google’s online store, the Daydream View in either of the two new color roptions will ship by December 8th, so it won’t be long before your new Crimson or Snow VR headset is at your doorstep.

For now, these new colors aren’t available for third-party retailers such as Best Buy or Verizon, but since the shipping date of the headsets is December 8th, expect the new variants to become available at more retailers soon.

Pick up the Google Daydream View in Slate, Crimson, or Snow for $79 from the Google Store