Never Fear, Current HTC Device Users. You’re Getting AirPlay Support Too

HTC’s new 10 flagship smartphone hits the nail on the head in many departments, like with it’s Quad HD display, 12MP 4K-capable camera, Snapdragon 820 processor, USB-C port – pretty much anywhere you look, you see something great. There’s also something new in the latest handset from HTC that really makes it different when compared to other phones, and that’s AirPlay support.

In case you’re unclear what AirPlay is, it’s like Google Chromecast but for Apple devices. It allows something like your iPhone or iPad to cast music, photos, and videos to your Apple TV, AirPlay-enabled speakers, or AirPort Express. And with an explanation like this, you’d think Android devices are solely not compatible, however there are a number of third party apps on the Play Store that add support for this feature to your device. However, AirPlay doesn’t come preinstalled on any Android-powered devices. Well, other than the HTC 10. But now, in a new, upcoming update to the HTC Connect app, owners of an HTC One M9, M8, or M7 will be able to cast their multimedia to their AirPlay-compatible devices.

The HTC Connect app allows owners of an HTC device to cast media to devices supporting the AllPlay, Blackfire, Bluetooth, DLNA, and Miracast standards. A three finger swipe from the bottom of the device will activate casting for convenience.

For reference, only audio will be able to be casted to AirPlay-compatible devices on the HTC 10, One M9, M8, and M7.

It looks to many people like HTC wants to bring over current iDevice users who have invested their cash in the Apple ecosystem. One of the biggest problems with this ecosystem is it’s flexibility. For example, when you buy a movie on iTunes, you can’t simply stream it on your Android tablet. When you load an important file into iCloud but forget your iOS device and instead grab your Nexus 6P, you’re not gonna be able to access that file until you get on either a PC or Mac. See what I mean? So the only reason HTC would do this is to attract Apple customers and convince them to make the switch. I’m not saying these customers will be able to stream all their movies bought on iTunes on their HTC 10 or access all their iCloud files on their One M9 or something, however with AirPlay support, HTC’s on the right path to make Android look more appealing to Apple users.