Google Will Host an Event on October 15th in NYC to Unveil the Pixel 4

Arriving the same day as OnePlus’ 7T event announcement, Google has started emailing members of the press invitations to an event the company is hosting on October 15th in New York City. “What are they gonna talk about?” you may ask.

It’s the Pixel 4. And other things. But mainly the Pixel 4.

If you aren’t already aware, Google is doing another Pixel phone this year, and boy has it leaked into oblivion. It’s like every day, there’s a new leak to take into account. We’ve seen what the on the phone is capable of, what it’s gonna look like, what colors it’ll come in, what its specs are – it’ll almost be pointless for Google to host an event to talk about the Pixel 4 since we know so much about it already.

Of course, the Pixel 4 won’t be the only thing Google will talk about. We’re also expecting to hear about revisions to its smart speaker division with new versions of the Google Home. We also might get a Pixelbook 2, among other surprises.

I’m gonna do my best to get to the event so I can have boots-on-the-ground coverage for you guys. Wish me luck!

The event starts at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on October 15th. Stay tuned.