Google: We’re Not Making Nexus Products Anymore

Starting with the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google was speculated to no longer use the name ‘Nexus’ in their smartphone lineup as ‘Pixel’ was expected to ultimately replace the branding. We didn’t know this for sure, however we were rather confident this was the case. And now, it looks like we were right because according to a new report by Android Police, Google has confirmed that no future devices carrying the name Nexus will be developed.

Google confirmed to us at their Pixel event today that they have no plans to develop future Nexus products. Presumably, all of Google’s hardware efforts moving forward will be under the Pixel banner, which already is populated by phones, tablets, and Chromebooks.

By removing the Nexus name from their product line, a more consistent naming scheme can be created across the board. I hate to do this, but think of Apple’s whole “i” ordeal. Instead of a single letter, Google has the word “pixel” to identify their devices from the rest. It’s a rather odd identification method, but at least it’s all Google’s.

Ending the name Nexus is really the ending of an era. Back in 2010, the first Nexus product shipped. Six years later, we’ll likely never see another Nexus tramp stamp on a device ever again. Who knows? In six years we may never see another Pixel.

Okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. How about this? Let’s pour one out for Nexus and light a candle. We’ll miss you, ol’ friend.