Google Voice Redesign Now Rolling Out to iOS Users [Update: Android, Too]

After unveiling the new look back at Cloud Next 2018, Google has begun rolling out a redesigned version of its Google Voice app to iOS users. The updated interface will also make its way to Android in the near future, with some users claiming they’ve already begun seeing the changes on their Google OS-powered devices.

Screenshot (122)

With the new look, Google ties Voice more closely in with G Suite. If you’re a G Suite user, you’ll find the tabs at the bottom of the app rearranged to put a stronger focus on the app’s call integration. If you’re a standard Google user, the tabs will remain the same as they were previously. G Suite users will also notice new Do Not Disturb features that tie in with your Google Calendar to silence your phone during working hours. Additional functionality for premium Google users such as DND functionality for contacts is also rolling out.

Finally, there are also new visual cues such as new green accents and an updated launcher icon.


Most iOS users should receive the updated Google Voice app today. I saw the upgrade hit my device after I refreshed for updates in the App Store. In addition, if you’re on Android, you should see the new features hit your device soon.

Update 8-16-2018 7:40 AM: Google has now begun rolling out the same changes to its Android application. You can expect the update to hit your device in the near future.