Google Unveils New Live Cases for Nexus Devices

Google has released new accessories for the Nexus 6P, 5X, and 6 called Live Cases. These cases are different because the company allows anyone to upload their own image to put on the case, whether it’s a pic of you and your spouse or some fancy artwork you found online. You can also use Google Maps to locate a spot on the map you’d like shown off on your device. There’s a number of filters and designs you can place overtop your pictures to better personalize your case as well.


The “Live” part of the name implies the fact that these cases can interact with your phone.  Built inside the case is an NFC chip which communicates with an application downloadable from the Play Store to place the image you wanted on your case as your phone’s wallpaper. Plus, all the customizations you made are brought over from the case customizer, so you’ll get a complete replica of what your case’s appearance is set as your device’s background.

The cases are basically shells for your phone, however that doesn’t mean you aren’t protected from bumps and scratches because you are, you just won’t get an Otter Box experience. And for $35, this is probably money well spent.

You can pick up your own custom Live Case from Google for your Nexus 6P, 5X, or 6 here.