Google Seems to Be Sending Non-Press Oct. 4th Invites to Possible Attendees

We’ve known for a little while now that Google is holding an event on October 4th to likely show off their new Pixel phones, Google Home, 4K-enabled Chromecast ‘Ultra’, and possibly their official Daydream VR headset. And since we’re just six days away from the keynote, it makes sense for Google to begin inviting members of the press to attend their event. However, according to a couple of tweets, it looks like the press aren’t the only ones attending this event.



According to the tweet above by the head of 9to5Google , it appears that members of the general public that are in some way involved with Google seem to be getting invitations about the event. At this time, it’s really unclear just what kind of people the company is inviting (such as active members of Google Forums or the company’s Local Guides program), however two attendees who were a couple of the earliest Google Glass testers have been confirmed to have received invitations (via this tweet by ).



There’s also reports that not only are people receiving invites via email but also Twitter DMs. We have yet to see actual proof that this is true, but stay tuned.

If you happen to be involved with Google in any way, shape or form, you may receive an invite from them asking you whether you’d like to attend this year’s event. Obviously, I can’t promise that everyone will receive an invite, so don’t get your hopes up very much. However, you never know what Google may do in six days time.

If you received an invite from Google about the October 4th event, we’d like to hear about it. Take a screenshot of the email or DM you received and send it to and we’ll update this article with your tip.