Google Search is Finally Getting Material Design

Almost all of Google’s various services have been given a material design makeover. The entire Android OS, a majority of their apps – heck even multiple of their websites have all received the new design language first debut in 2014 with Android Lollipop. However, one of the more interesting areas of Google hasn’t yet officially received the new design, and that’s Google’s search engine itself.

Yes, folks. The one thing you constantly use each day to gain new information and occasionally check a sports score or weather conditions hasn’t been updated with Google’s fresh design language. That is, as of yet…

As per a current A/B test, it looks like Google’s search engine is finally receiving a decent material design makeover, complete with a search box with a shadow surrounding it and a flatter, more visually appealing interface. There’s even a fresh look for Top Stories related to your search inquiry. See for yourself.

We’ve received this new material design makeover on both a MacBook and a Windows PC, so it appears that this test is going a bit more mainstream than some might think. However, we can confirm that not everyone is seeing the server-side rollout hit their desktop just yet, indicating that Google is either still testing the new UI or is rolling it out rather slowly.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see Google take care of themselves this time around and stop focusing mainly on their other giant services the world uses. I think this is a step in the right direction and is a good move to keep their design language in uniform with each other rather having some services with a simple, flat UI and others with material design.

Have you received the new design yet?