Google Says Android 9 Pie Go Edition is More Efficient in a Lot of Ways

To coincide with the launch of Android 9 Pie last week, Google today released a blog post which details the latest edition of Android Go. Called Pie (Go edition), the latest operating system for low-end hardware aims to provide an even more efficient experience for devices with budget prices and specs to match.

For starters, Google says Pie (Go edition) cuts down on storage with roughly another 500MB available for users out of the box. Your device will also boot up faster thanks to background improvements. For security, Google is now providing verified boot along with additional security upgrades under the hood. Finally, a new dashboard built right into the OS will help you keep tabs on your data usage.

According to Google, devices will begin shipping this fall with Pie (Go edition) pre-installed. It’s also likely most Android Go devices will receive upgrades to the latest OS in that timeframe.