Google releases June feature drop for Pixel w/ safety tools, battery management, more

Google has started rolling out the June feature drop for its Pixel phones dating back to the Pixel 2. The update coincides with the release of the June 2020 security patch which is bundled in the update. All of the features were detailed in a blog post and there are plenty of them, starting with your phone’s battery.

In the June feature drop, Google includes improvements to how Adaptive Battery works. Now, your device can better detect when its battery will die and further reduce the amount of background activity occurring. I love a software update that promises better battery life, so I’ll be keeping my eyes on my Pixel 4 XL to see if it can last me longer during the day.

Next up: bedtime. Google has introduced a number of new features that can help you fall asleep and wake up easier. It’s technically a Google Clock update, though, so you don’t need the June update to get the features.

The update to Clock adds calming sounds and limits interruptions such as notifications to help you get to sleep. If you’re on your phone past your scheduled bedtime, your phone will give you an overview of just how much time you spend on your phone when you really should be sleeping. Finally, to help you wake up, your phone screen can now get gradually brighter and your favorite song can play thanks to Sunrise Alarm.

There’s also new integration between Recorder, Google Docs, and the Google Assistant on the Pixel. You can now ask the Assistant to record your meeting and automatically have a transcript saved in Docs. This is definitely one of the most convenient features Google has put out in all of its feature drops. I can see myself using it really often.

Last but certainly not least, personal safety. The Safety app on the Pixel can now help protect you when you’re alone. The app can overtake your entire screen periodically and have you check in. It offers three buttons: “I’m okay. Don’t share,” “Share my location,” and “911.” Tapping the first will confirm you’re safe, the second will share your location with a select number of contacts, and the third will dial emergency services. If you don’t respond to the check-in, your location will automatically be shared with your emergency contacts. There isn’t a way for 911 to be automatically dialed, but I’d imagine that’s to minimize accidental dials to the hotline.

In addition, car crash detection is coming to the Pixel 3 after being a Pixel 4 exclusive, and the Safety app can now alert you of natural disasters or other public emergencies.

Of course, today’s update also includes numerous bug fixes and security enhancements for Pixel devices. The new software is rolling out now to all Pixel phones compatible with Android 10.