Google Releases Chrome 50 to Stable Channel

Google has now released version 50 of their Chrome web browser to a stable channel in which the general public will receive the update. Bug fixes, security enhancements, and speed improvements are all present in the latest build, however there are some new features alongside the usuals.

First up, there’s a new API Google is using called the Push API which allows the browser’s notification system to make the switch to a different model called push notifications payloads. This will allow notification data to be sent at the same time as the message. As a result, a bad Internet connection or multiple messages being sent will not disrupt notification delivery. 9to5Google explores this move in more detail:

Sites will be able to detect when a user closes a notification and as such be able to close notifications sent to other devices. Notifications in Chrome 50 will be more customizable, with web developers being able to set custom time stamps and button icons. Sites can also ask users whether a notification should play a sound, vibrate, or remain silent.

Second, Chrome 50 now loads pages faster by giving websites the ability to tell the browser what data needs to be downloaded ahead of time. To see this in action, check out the video below.

And third, a total of 20 security fixes contributed by external researches and internal teams can be found in Chrome 50 in addition to the ability to cancel or pause a download on Android.

Chrome 50 is now available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and will soon be available for Android and Chrome OS.

Source: 9to5Google