Google Play Store is Getting Another Major Redesign – Here’s What You Need to Know

It seems like every other day another test is being conducted somewhere along the line of Google’s various mobile apps. These new discoveries we’ve made over the course of a few days are by no means exceptions to this statement as various changes have been spotted within the Play Store on Android. We’ll take a full look at them here.

New Card-Inspired Look for Carousel

First up, the most recent change we’ve spotted is a new card-inspired design for the recently introduced carousel which rotates displaying trending apps and games. Previously, its design was much flatter and reached from one end of your screen to the other. Now, there’s individual cards featuring the hottest apps which rotate. While a small change, it’s probably one of the most noticeable here.

Rearranged Interface Switcher

If you recall, in order to access different interfaces within the Play Store (e.g. Apps, Games, Music, etc), you had to scroll through a list of “bubbles” below the carousel and manually tap on the section you’d like to jump to. However, in this new design, shortcuts to the various sections can be found above the carousel and are swipeable, meaning you can swipe across your screen to access other areas such as Movies & TV and Books rather having to tap. Again, it;s a minor change, but it’ll likely be appreciated by many, myself included.

Smaller Title Text

If you look closely, you’ll notice that certain sections within the Play Store have slightly smaller text than normal, for instance in the Recommended section. Admittedly, it does make the UI a bit cleaner looking, but I’m not sure if it’s a necessary change.

A New Shade of Green


Okay, yes, this feature is a bit old and not entirely new, but it’s still worth noting.

As you can see, there’s a darker shade of green being used throughout the new UI of the Play Store. Personally, I like this design choice as it gives a more sophisticated look. Of course, you may not agree, but I’m a fan.

We’ll update this article if we find any other changes worth noting in the Play Store. For now, that’s your first look at what Google is currently changing within the Store. It’s unclear just when these changes will reach all users, but it shouldn’t be too much longer from now.