Google Play Music’s Search Bar is Getting a New Look

Google Play has been updating their lineup of applications for a little while now, adding in new icons and other tweaks to make the software more uniform with it’s parent, Google Play. Now, the company is doing it again with a refresh of Play Music’s search bar. The new bar is white and floats at the top of the app opposed to the solid orange bar currently found. A comparison between the two can be found below:

The Google Play Music branding can also be found on the search bar with “Music” being highlighted in orange. Cast, voice search, and menu buttons are also all found on the bar.

This new change is very similar to the Play Store’s search bar. Of course this one indicates that the current app is Play Music and that you’re able to cast music to a Chromecast-enabled device, however besides that, there’s not much different. Here’s a screenshot of the Google Play Store’s search bar for reference:


It seems that Google’s whole goal with these refreshes is to create some consistency between their suite of apps. This all makes sense since the software has had it’s own looks for quite some time now and hasn’t really been too uniform. I’m a fan of the recent changes and I look forward to the future and what the company has in store.