Google Play is Now Upgrading Your Movies to 4K for Free

Following in the footsteps of Apple, Google has announced it’s beginning to upgrade users’ movies within Play Movies to 4K resolution for free. This goes for all qualifying SD and HD titles you have in your library, unlike Apple who will only upgrade HD movies to 4K.

Once your movies are upgraded, Google will give you a notice from within the Play Movies interface that your content is available to stream in a higher quality. To stream the upgraded movies, Google says you can now do so using the Play Movies & TV app on “most” 4K Samsung smart TVs. LG support is coming in the near future. Of course, you can also watch them on 4K Sony Bravia TVs, as well.

Finally, Google also says starting today, 4K movies will cost less. Rather than most going for $30, 4K titles will run for closer to $20. You can browse some of the most popular 4K titles here to get your collection started.

All of these changes and updates are rolling out today to those in the U.S. and Canada.