Google Play Icons Are Getting a Complete Makeover

Google has announced in an official blog post that they will soon begin rolling out an update to all of their Play services which totally replaces the icons of the apps with fresh, new, bright, and colorful designs that better keep a consistent look across the entire family of applications.

Since launching Google Play four years ago, we’ve always had dedicated apps in addition to the Google Play store. Today, all our icons are getting an update to provide a consistent look across the entire family of Play apps.

Google Play_New Logos

The new designs share the same triangle background as each other, with the appropriate indication of what app is what peeking out of the shape. So for instance, a purple newspaper peeks out of a triangle to indicate that this app is “Google Play Newsstand”.

Google says that these new icons begin making their way to devices all over the world within the coming weeks and that they hope users will still enjoy using the applications they’ve provided for quite some time now.

You’ll start to see the new Google Play icons across devices and online in the coming weeks. We hope you’ll continue enjoying the Play family of products—now with a new look.

The evolution of Play app icons

Of course, to most people, new app icons means a new update to Android, which is currently on it’s way in the form of Android N which recently entered beta. And if these icons are of any indication, we may have our first look at the design language Google will begin using once the upcoming software becomes available.