Google just unveiled the Pixel Fold ahead of May 10th launch

The company has shared a teaser video of its first foldable, and boy does it look beautiful.

Google Pixel Fold screenshot from a teaser video shared by Google.

Google is the king at leaking its own products, and it’s not stopping any time soon. Today, the company shared a teaser video for the Pixel Fold, its very first foldable smartphone, in all its glory. We get to see how slim the device’s profile will be, we get a crystal-clear view of the internal display (and its chunky bezels), and we also get a sense for how glossy it’ll be (I’m getting strong iPhone X vibes).

Google Pixel Fold teaser video shared by Google.
Look at this beauty. | Source: Google

Google has also updated its online store with a huge spotlight on the Pixel Fold, encouraging people to stay up to date on when it’ll be available by signing up for the company’s newsletter.

The Pixel Fold was bound to get a teaser like this eventually. Every time there’s a new Pixel phone on the horizon, it leaks in what seems like an endless stream until its launch day comes. Over the past few years, Google has tried to get ahead of the leaks by revealing the phones themselves well before they’re supposed to.

Given the fact the Pixel Fold is set to debut on May 10th at I/O, it’s a little bit late for a teaser like this to be published, but it at least confirms a lot of what we were expecting from the leaks. It’s basically a passport-shaped folding phone with the Pixel 7’s camera bar, and it looks absolutely stunning.

Previous reports suggest the device will cost $1,799 and boast a Tensor G2 processor, 12GB of RAM, a 4,400mAh battery, and wireless charging. The cover screen will be 5.8-inches, while the folding screen will measure in at 7.7-inches. Google is expected to offer two colors–black or white–and it’ll likely go on sale by the end of June.