Google Pixel 3 XL Gets Unboxed, Detailed, and Reviewed in New Leaks

I can’t determine whether Google is purposely leaking its new Pixel 3 and 3 XL smartphones or if they’re just really bad at keeping secrets. Regardless, the phones keep leaking online despite their official launch date set for a couple of days from now. We’ve seen renders, dummy units, and plenty of reports about the devices in the past, especially surrounding the larger Pixel 3 XL which a lot of people have their eye on. Now, an entirely new set of leaks has had time to swirl around the web and give us further information on Google’s next XL handset.

For starters, the Pixel 3 XL’s packaging has made its way to the web. It greatly resembles the Pixel 2 and 2 XL’s boxes in which it profiles the back of the phone on the front of the box and includes additional information about the device around the sides.

Opening the box, you’ll be greeted by the phone at the top and accessories including a charging cable, a USB charging adapter, a headphone dongle, a data transfer tool, and wired Pixel Buds at the bottom. While there’s nothing particularly surprising in this department, it’s nice to see Google including USB-C-equipped headphones, especially since not everyone has made the switch to wireless.

We’re also getting additional details about the Pixel 3 XL thanks to a United Kingdom-based carrier. According to leaked images of a magazine from Jon Prosser, the new Pixels will come with a feature called “Top Shot” which will allow the devices to “capture the perfect shot every time.” The phones will also ship with “groupie selfies” which will let you fit more people into one selfie, likely thanks to the wide-angle selfie camera on board.

In addition, we’re also getting some early pricing for the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. The former will start at £58/month while the latter will go for £63/month. Of course, it’s hard to say if these prices are definite, but for now, expect to pay around $800 to $1,000 for either device.

Finally, as if that weren’t enough, Engadget got its hands on a unit of the Pixel 3 XL. How, you may ask? For whatever reason, the phone’s already up for sale in Hong Kong which is where the publication purchased the device from. Editor Richard Lai spent a ton of time with the device and demoed it on-camera in a video which you can watch above.

In the video, Lai goes through a bunch of the features of the Pixel 3 XL including its screen, its specs, its cameras, and what comes in the box. It’s pretty incredible a source such as Engadget was able to get their hands on a unit this early. Google, you clearly have a serious leak problem that needs to be addressed. Soon.

I’m pretty sure the Pixel 3 and 3 XL are gonna leak out again before Tuesday’s event. If it does, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, stay tuned for everything Google confirms next week.