Google Now’s Weather Cards Are Getting a Colorful Makeover

A Google+ user has spotted new Google Now weather cards on the Google app. But rather them being material white and very plain, they appear to be more colorful and vibrant than before…

It appears that Google is currently testing the new cards before their initial release. It just so happens that somebody noticed that and wrote about it on Google+.

The new cards are much more colorful than before, with the vibrant hues based off of the current weather conditions and time of day. The cards can be expanded to fill your entire smartphone/tablet and are split in to three separate sections to give more detailed weather forecasting. You now get the option to check ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ as well as viewing a 10-day forecast.

Google has also added a few other details to their weather cards, like pressure, UV index and visibility are shown, as is air quality. With the air quality screen, the new view offers health advice based on how good the air is, and what specific pollutants are floating around. You also get to see sunrise and sunset times. These are very welcome improvements to Google Now and will no doubt make the service much more enjoyable to use.

When open full screen, the weather cards will fill out your status bar with whatever the base color of the card currently is. There’s also a little cartoon-ish animated frog that shows up enjoying lots of different weather conditions, for example; if it’s sunny and warm outside, the frog will be shown enjoying a day at the beach.

However these changes are big for Google Now and consumers will want to get their hands on them ASAP, it appears that Google is only testing the new cards before the official launch of the update. However, you could, by a pretty good chance, be part of the testing. Check to see if you are, and if you see those new colorful cards show up on your screen, tweet us a screenshot.