Google Now’s Redesigned Weather Center Now Rolling Out to Users

We first reported a couple of weeks ago that Google was testing a redesigned weather interface for Google Now with lots of colors, more information, and little animations to make the experience all that more enjoyable. And today, Google has begun to roll out the changes to all users via OTA.

The new cards are much more colorful than before, with the vibrant hues based off of the current weather conditions and time of day. The cards can be expanded to fill your entire smartphone/tablet and are split in to three separate sections to give more detailed weather forecasting. You now get the option to check ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ as well as viewing a 10-day forecast.

Google has also added a few other details to their weather cards, like pressure, UV index and visibility are shown, as is air quality. With the air quality screen, the new view offers health advice based on how good the air is, and what specific pollutants are floating around. You also get to see sunrise and sunset times.

Have you gotten the new weather interface on your Android device? Let us know in the comments!