Google Now’s Getting a Much More Natural Voice by Dropping the Robot Sounds

A new video has surfaced on YouTube of a Google Now user demonstrating a new, more natural sounding voice found in the app for use during voice commands.

People are stating on Reddit that the new voice sounds much more “human-like” than before and that it drops the more robotic sounds we’ve heard thus far, while others are saying the opposite, stating that the new voice sounds much more robotic than before.

Mine literally just switched the robotic sound is completely gone it sounds amazing. No more robot sound in the background it’s extremely natural and sounds surprisingly human-like.

This is a big step forward for Google in my opinion. As much as people hate her, Siri sounds much more natural than Google Now. I know she’s not perfect, but neither is Google Now. She has plenty of personality, wittiness, and functionality built in. And honestly, guys, she kinda does sound human. But with this new update rolling out to users for Google Now voice commands, the Apple-made digital assistant could have some pretty stiff competition on her hands.

This new improvement for Google Now is rolling out very slowly at the moment, as no one has stated other than the user above that they’ve received the updated voice. And oddly enough, the user above actually got the update on a 2nd gen Moto X, not a Nexus or something. Weird, right? Anyway, let us know what you think about the new voice in the comments section!