Google Maps Tweet Gives Us More Evidence That Android N Won’t Have an App Drawer

In an official tweet by Google Maps, a video is shown of what looks like a Nexus 6P displaying a feature the popular navigation app for Android has, but when it starts, the home screen is shown… and the app drawer is found nowhere. Nowhere at all…

Of course, this could be false. I mean, if you look at the home screen in the image above, it doesn’t look like a typical launcher setup. It just kinda looks like something Google threw together. And if it is, the company might’ve just forgot to put an app drawer on the home screen. However, that doesn’t seem likely. It’s Google. It’s official.

Displayed in the video is five apps right across the center of the screen along with three apps on the bottom bar sized larger than normal, and notably, the Google app is called Search for some reason. The left most indicator dot is also this weird looking home screen, not the Google Now screen as the indicator says the current screen is the left most. But there’s still no app drawer in sight. Of course, this could be probably just nothing and that Google probably screwed up, but with all the rumors flying around lately stating that Android N will not have an app drawer, this finding is worth noting.

Check out the tweet below and see for yourself. Let us know if this could be a first look at the next version of Android in the comments!