Google is Reportedly Shutting Down Allo ‘Soon’

With Hangouts coming to an end likely in 2020, Google is pulling the plug on another messaging app that launched back in 2016: Google Allo. The short-lived messaging service with the Google Assistant built-in will be shut down “soon,” according to a report out of 9to5Google who quotes a source familiar with Google’s plans. Considering there weren’t very many users who migrated over to the new app, it’s not surprising to see it die so early on.

However, Google’s original roadmap for Allo might’ve been disrupted recently. With the company having to come out and clarify what it intends to do with Hangouts in the future, 9to5Google notes Google may have had to delay its date for when it planned to announce the shutdown of Allo by a bit. Currently, there’s no word on when the company will make that announcement, but we’ll let you know when they do.

Shutting down Google Allo is the obvious next step.


To see Google shut down Allo won’t come as a surprise. Earlier this year, the company said it was pausing the development of Allo to focus more on Android Messages and the eventual rollout of RCS Chat. Because of this, Allo has been riddled with bugs ever since as no new updates have reached the Play Store. Therefore, simply pulling the plug is the clear solution as to what to do now that Allo already has one foot in the grave.

As always, if any further developments surface, we’ll let you know.