Google is Now Rolling Out a Much Brighter Gmail Redesign

Google today announced it’s now beginning to roll out a completely redesigned version of its Gmail app for Android and iOS. The new update takes on a Material Theme that includes a lot more white space than before. The new design was first previewed at Cloud Next 2018 back in July.

As you can see, the new Gmail design is much brighter and looks cleaner than before. In my opinion, I think this opens the door to a dark theme at some point in the future, although Google hasn’t explicitly shared any plans.

As far as new features go, you’re really just getting the new design in this update. You do get three new viewing options: comfortable, compact, and default. But other than this subtle change, you get all of the same Gmail features you’re used to, just with a fresh coat of paint.

Google said in a blog post today the new Gmail app will roll out to both Android and iOS users over the coming weeks.