Google is giving out free Nest Mini smart speakers – find out if you’re eligible

I meant to share this post earlier but I got caught up in too much work at my job. Anyway, last night news broke that Google was giving away a round of free Nest Mini smart speakers to subscribers of YouTube Premium. I recently became a subscriber of the service so I decided to see if I was eligible, and I was met by a pleasant surprise: I was. I now have a free Nest Mini in Chalk on the way to my doorstep.

If you’re a subscriber of YouTube Premium (a.k.a. YouTube with ads, a.k.a. YouTube Music, a.k.a. Google Play Music), you should click this link and see if you can get one of these free speakers. What do you have to lose?

Unfortunately, not all YouTube Premium subscribers are eligible for the deal. I know there are some reports of subscribers who already redeemed a similar offer found that they aren’t eligible, and there’s no telling if the offer even rolled out to all of those that meet the company’s qualifications. All I know for sure is the promotion is exclusive to the U.S.