Google is Finally Fixing the RAM Issues Plaguing the Pixel 3

Today, Google began rolling out the December 2018 security patch to Pixel device owners everywhere, and there are lots of Pixel 3-specific improvements onboard worth noting. The headlining feature is that RAM management is finally being taken care of after users all over the world reported poor memory optimization which led to apps crashing and hanging. With this update, those problems should be resolved, although it’s unclear how much Google can do with 4GB of available RAM in this day and age.

Pixel 2 owners are also getting these fixes.

There’s also plenty of other fixes onboard as well, including improvements for the Pixel 2 and 3’s camera, notification visibility while using the Pixel Stand, Android Auto, Always-On display triggering, USB-C audio accessory compatibility, and Bluetooth. You can read about all of the fixes in Google’s Android developers bulletin. The update should reach all Pixel users over the coming days.