Google Home to Be Available for $129, Start Shipping in November

We first told you about Google Home back in May during I/O 2016 when it was still a fresh, new idea. Now, Google’s smart home assistant is ready for primetime. During their event today, Google announced that the Google Home will become available starting this November for $129. Preorders are currently live over at Google’s online store, so click here if you’re interested in taking action on that.

Regarding the Home itself, Google went over a number of the features we already knew existed in their Amazon Echo competitor. The Google Assistant is present which allows you to interact with the Home via your voice to set reminders, get weather and traffic information, Google different things and get results from various sources, play music throughout your home, control smart home accessories, and more. A customizable speaker base for the Home allows you to choose any one of six different colors when you order, while four dots appear at the top of the home assistant to indicate when “OK Google” has been initiated. You’ve also got touch controls where these lights appear to turn up and down volumes on music playback, so at least you won’t be talking to your Home all the time.

One feature of Home that stood out to me was Chromecast integration. Whether you have a standard Chromecast or Chromecast Audio, you’ll be able to control it via Google Home to start playing music, watch a TV show, and more. Think of it like Siri on the Apple TV. In addition, multiple Home base stations can all be set up throughout your house so no matter where you are, you always have access to Assistant and the capabilities of Google’s Echo competitor.

Another new feature Google announced today regarding Home is something called “My Day.” By saying, “Good morning, Google,” Assistant will give you a briefing on what your day looks like. You’ll be read your calendar appointments, weather conditions where you live, what traffic looks like, and what’s on your to-do list. This will surely become ultra-convenient for many who lead busy lives, so it’s nice to see it launch on the Google Home.

It’s worth noting that if you do purchase a Google Home, you’ll be granted 6 months free of YouTube Red to enjoy ad-free video and music playback. However, only new subscribers who haven’t already gotten a free trial in the past may take advantage of this offer (surprised?). In addition, Best Buy, Target and Walmart all have Google Home up for preorder at the same $129 price and will make the assistant available for purchase in November.

Will you be picking up a Google Home?