Google+ Gets Updated to v7.2, Includes Chrome Custom Tabs for Everyone, Auto-Complete, More

Google has begun to roll out version 7.2 of Google+ for Android. The biggest new feature in this update is Chrome Custom Tabs, which allows users to open links inside the application using Google Chrome (which would normally open Chrome as a stand-along app). So say you opened a link which directed you to one of our posts: rather the link open in full Google Chrome, Chrome will display the linked webpage right inside Google+. It’s also much faster than opening the link in Chrome, which is easy to understand. And of course, Google will allow users to turn off this feature by un-checking “Enable Custom Tabs” in the Google+ Settings menu.


One of the biggest benefits of Chrome Custom Tabs is the fact that it’s actually Chrome opening the link, meaning you’ll have full access to all of your saved passwords, autofill information, and tap to search. Also inside Custom Tabs is a share icon with the option to share back to the social network, copy the link, or share to other apps. An overflow menu is also present with navigation buttons, find in page, and Open in Chrome.

Another addition besides Chrome Custom Tabs Google gave the app in version 7.2 is recent search history with auto-complete, so if you begin to search for “MBEDDED” and you only get to type in “m-b-e”, Google+ will automatically fill in “MBEDDED” for you. Google also added the ability to quickly scroll to the top of your Home, Collections, Communities, or Notifications feed by tapping on their corresponding icon in the bottom bar.

This version of Google+ also fixes 29 bugs and addresses 10 accessibility issues.

Version 7.2 of Google+ is rolling out now to users. You can get the new update via the Play Store.