Google Fi Launches Unlimited Plan for $70/Month

I hear great things about Google Fi. People like it for the versatility you get in terms of worldwide data coverage, and the plan the MNVO offers is nice and simple: $20 a month for unlimited texts and calls, plus $10 a month per gigabyte of data you use.

That’s great and all, but for those seeking an unlimited plan, Google Fi has never been the go-to. If you used more than 6GB of data in a month, Fi would cap your bill at $80 and give you the rest of the data for free, so the service has always kind of been “unlimited.” But now, Google is introducing a second plan for Fi subscribers that gives you true unlimited data.

Simply called the “Unlimited” plan, the new Fi plan gives you unlimited talk, text, and data each month for $70 per user. For two users, it’s $60 per line. For three, it’s $50 a line, and for four people, it’s $45 a line.

Notably, Google says it will throttle your data after using 22GB of high-speed LTE during a billing period. Fi subscribers don’t typically go over 22GB of data per month anyway (Google says those who do make up less than one percent of all Fi subscribers) so you shouldn’t have any issues with slowdowns when you need something fast.

If you subscribed to the Google Fi Unlimited plan, Google will give you a Google One subscription for free, saving you $1.99 per month. This gets you 100GB of Google Drive storage, “expert support across Google,” discounts on certain Google products, and more.

Finally, to celebrate the new plan’s launch, Google is giving customers 50 percent off a Pixel 3 or 3 XL when activated on Fi Unlimited. With the new Pixel 4 right around the corner, though, I can’t help but think you should skip this deal, despite it being pretty attractive.

In case you’re wondering what happens to the previous Fi plan, it’s still gonna stick around. It will adopt a new name, though, and that’s “Flexible.”