Google Duplex is Now Available for iPhones and Android Devices

When Google originally rolled out its Duplex technology, it was available exclusively to Pixel phone owners. But as most features that are exclusive to Pixels go, Google today made Duplex available to all Android phones users. It’s even rolling out to iPhone owners through an update to the Google Assistant app.

With Google Duplex, you can use the Google Assistant to make reservations, set appointments, and more by having the Assistant call a business on your behalf. Other than telling the Assistant where you’d like to go at what date and time, you essentially don’t have to do anything to set your appointment. The Assistant will make the arrangements, set a calendar reminder, and alert you when your event is coming up. Right now, it’s available in 43 different cities, with more likely being added to the list in the near future.

XDA-Developers was first to point out that Duplex is now available on more devices. Google says in its support page that Android 5.0 and update is required to take advantage of Duplex. Meanwhile, any iPhone that can run the Assistant app is supported. Right now, we know the tech can run on a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If you own a different phone and can use the feature, let us know in the comments.