Google Duo v5.0 May Finally Bring Audio Calling

Google has released a fresh update to their new video chatting platform, Duo. The update brings major video quality improvements, a simplified sign-up process, seamless camera rotation, and fixes an issue where sound wouldn’t play according to Google’s Justin Uberti on Twitter. However, a fresh discovery by 9to5Google may be the most interesting change found in v5.0 of the video calling software, and that’s references to audio calling and contact actions within the app’s XML file.

As you can see, Google is literally a switch-flip away from enabling audio calls in Duo as it appears the app is currently set up to receive the data. In addition, it looks like new contact engagement is also possible thanks to the code discovered which would make sense for an audio calling app.

Yes, you’re not mistaken, we’ve already seen references to audio calling in Duo. However, the latest discoveries are more significant considering the new contact action strings. This means that more of Duo’s audio calling capabilities are making their way to the app publicly. They’re just not surfacing… yet.

With the new 5.0 version number introduced and this much data to go by, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that at some point, Duo will be updated with audio calling before the app makes it to v6.0. Therefore, we’ll likely see the update hit before the month of January ends.

But hey, that’s just my guess…

You can download the latest version of Google Duo from Google Play and the App Store now.