Google Daydream VR Headset to Cost a Low $79 Says Report

Variety has released a report which gives us some insight into what one piece of hardware we’re expecting from tomorrow’s Google event will cost. The hardware in question is the company’s first Daydream VR headset, and the price is a low one…

According to the report, $79 will be how much Google’s Daydream headset will run for. This is $20 cheaper than Samsung’s Gear VR offering, while hundreds are saved by purchasing this headset over dozens of others on the market today. Of course, it’s by no means as cheap as Google Cardboard, but for highly quality hardware like this, you can’t really go wrong with $79.


Variety notes that included in the box of this Daydream VR headset is a motion controller. This remote is to work like the accessory for Nintendo’s Wii home console, using motion to control various functions within the interface of the headset. It’s unknown how this controller will work as we don’t know if it’ll connect to the headset or your phone (which will double as the display), but if rumors point to anything, we’ll learn more tomorrow.

HTC is said to be the manufacturer of this Daydream VR viewer which would make total sense since they’re also building Google’s upcoming Pixel phones. I wouldn’t be surprised if this speculation went to the grave as true, but we’ll obviously have to wait until tomorrow to hear more.

We’ll be covering all of tomorrow’s announcements from Google here on MBEDDED and across social media! Be sure to stay tuned!