Google Chrome 51 Now Rolling Out, Features Plenty of Bug Fixes And New Log In Method

Google has begun to roll out Chrome 51 to Windows, Mac, and Linux devices which includes the usual bug fixes and stability improvements while also delivering a new log in method to get into your online accounts simpler.

Chrome 51 now allows websites to work directly with your password manager built into the browser to access certain credentials necessary to log into, say, your Twitter or Facebook account. Using the new Credential Management API, this will allow you to tap on one button to get into any of your accounts as long as they’re cooperative and make the process of logging in simpler and quicker.

Also found the latest version of Google’s browser is a new way of processing embedded videos and social widgets on website. Rather constantly running, the rendering pipeline needed to display this type of media will only run when necessary, like when you see a video on your screen, the pipeline will get to work. This’ll be very beneficial for power consumption, as it’s stated that 30% less power will be used this way. You’ll also see speed improvements throughout with this new process.

42 security fixes can be found in Chrome 51 which were found by external researches and internal teams at Google and all over the world.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, when Chrome 51 hits Android, you’ll no longer be able to merge apps and tabs like before.

Look for Chrome 51 to hit your computer soon, while Android and Chrome OS should be getting the update in the near future.

Source: 9to5Google