Google Assistant Begins Rolling Out John Legend Cameo

If you regularly use the Google Assistant and have always wanted Chrissy Teigen’s husband to tell you the weather, today is your lucky day. Google has begun rolling out a special cameo of none other than John Legend to Assistant users across devices. The feature will allow you to ask questions and hear Legend’s voice over the Assistant’s.

In terms of what can be asked to hear Legend’s voice, it’s rather limited. Google says you can ask what the weather is and have John respond, and he can also sing you Happy Birthday. Fun Easter eggs like “Who is Chrissy Teigen?” and “Hey Google, serenade me” are also included. However, in order to hear Legend’s voice, you first need to say “Hey Google, talk like a Legend.” This is just a cameo, so you won’t be able to fully replace the Assistant’s actual voice with John’s.

John Legend was first confirmed to arrive as a surprise Google Assistant voice back at I/O 2018. Since then, however, we haven’t heard anything in terms of when his voice would be available to use. Now, it looks like he’ll remain a simple celebrity cameo, possibly hinting at other celebrities lending their voices to the Assistant in the future (*cough* Morgan Freeman *cough*).