Google Announces Nest Mini Smart Speaker for $49

One of Google’s hottest products is by far the Google Home Mini. It costs just $49 and gives you access to the Google Assistant, allowing you to control things like smart appliances with just your voice. Now, the company has announced a successor to the Home Mini called the Nest Mini, and it’s exactly what you think it is.

The Nest Mini is essentially the Home Mini, just with a few tweaks and a new name. Most notably, Google says the Nest Mini sounds better than the Home Mini. It can also pick up on voice commands with more ease since its microphones have been improved.

One notable hardware change: the Nest Mini is now easier to mount on a wall thanks to a hole at the bottom that acts like a hook. If you’ve ever wanted your walls to talk to you, the Nest Mini makes it easier to adopt that lifestyle.

Beside these changes, the Nest Mini is just the Home Mini, repackaged. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. There isn’t a ton wrong with the existing Home Mini, so why fix it if it isn’t broken?

The $49 Nest Mini will go on sale October 22nd. It’s up for pre-order starting today.