Google Allo is Getting Emoji Suggestions, New Themes, and Fantastic Beasts Stickers

Google has announced to the media today that a fresh update is making its way to Allo, the company’s messaging service that brings the Google Assistant to chats. It’s unclear what the version number is as of yet, but we’ll update this article when we gain that information.


For starters, Google is introducing an emoji suggestion tool. By tapping on the already-present emoji button (now called the “Smart Smiley” button) within the text box of a chat, Allo will bring up a menu of suggested emoji and stickers that correspond to one’s message. For example, if you were to type pizza, the pizza emoji would come up. If you said happy, the smiley face emoji would come up. It’s very similar to other emoji suggestion tools like the one found on iOS. Whether it will be as useful as Google hopes is according to personal preference, but I for one probably won’t use it all that often.

Second, there are all-new themes coming to Allo in case you’re not a fan of the current one. This will let users customize their experience and hopefully attract them to use the service more often. You can see all the themes available below.


Finally, Google is introducing a sticker pack based on the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. In addition, if a friend sends a sticker from a pack that you don’t have, the company says users will now be able to simply tap on said sticker and download the entire pack for later use. The former feature seems to be just another result from Google’s recent tie-in with the movie, while the latter looks to simplify things a bit and make using the service a bit more immersive.

Google says the new Allo update will begin rolling out today, while it’ll become live around the world over the next few days. You can download Allo for free on Android and iOS.